VoIP phone service makes use of a collection of technologies that, properly understood and applied, can boost your SMB’s operational efficiency and result in improved employee productivity. VoIP technology is embraced by a growing number of businesses, both large and small, because of its reliability and its low cost, relative to traditional phone or landlines. The exciting possibilities made possible by VoIP technology is one of the reasons that Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC, has followed the development of this innovative approach to business phone service so closely. We are well positioned to evaluate our clients’ needs, and find the most appropriate VoIP provider and the most comprehensive menu of VoIP services to meet those needs. VoIP is adaptable to both SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and hosted configurations. It can be customized to your particular needs or scaled as your needs change over time. With Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC, as your “shop one and done” resource, your search for the right way for your company to benefit from VoIP technology is complete!

What does VoIP stand for?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it’s just what it sounds like. VoIP makes the traditional landline virtually obsolete, converting sound into digital signals that go speeding across the Internet, then converting those digital signals back into sound at its destination. Yes, your IP phone will allow you to talk to someone using a landline, and with today’s faster-than-ever broadband speeds, your VoIP conversations will be crystal clear, your connection will be reliable, and your contacts will have no idea that they are speaking to you “over the Internet.” Because broadband capability has expanded so much in recent years, VoIP is part of the “unified communication” system that allows data and audio/visual signals to travel along the same path as your voice, without having the signals intrude upon each other and without any noticeable lag in transmission. As far back as 2016, a group of 200+ informational technology thought leaders revealed that approximately 75% of businesses have either fully switched to adopting unified communication, or have partially incorporated its use. Roughly 60% of small- and medium-sized businesses have incorporated the use of VoIP technologies to enhance business productivity and efficiency.

How does VoIP work?

Unified communication has resulted in business VoIP having such a broad definition that it is easy for someone to get confused when trying to compare services and solutions. This is where an industry expert like Ideal Solutions Provider can be most helpful. We can assess your needs and provide the best VoIP phone system that meets your needs and supports your daily operations. VoIP does more for a small- or medium-sized business than replace your existing phone system. It adds more features, prestige, quality, and flexibility within your organization. When you convert to VoIP, you keep your current phone number, can add phone lines, and even allocate the bandwidth you need to handle your VoIP requirements. You don’t have to be at your computer or even have your computers running in order to make calls. With mobile VoIP capability, you can conduct business from virtually anywhere, be instantly in touch with your office or your clients, with audio quality that is indistinguishable from, or superior to, a traditional landline.

Cloud VoIP vs. Hosted VoIP

There are two hosted VoIP options that you can choose from: Cloud-Hosted VoIP is not hosted in your facility, but in a “virtual file cabinet” in a remote location. It is convenient and simple to maintain but offers fewer options beyond assuring you of accurate and adequate network infrastructure and bandwidth. There is no need to invest in hardware beyond your desk or mobile phones. Internally-Hosted VoIP, by contrast, involves the placement of hardware to handle your voice communications within your workplace. This may offer alternatives to help you find the ideal fit for all your VoIP needs. At ideal Solutions Provider, we can help you evaluate your options in selecting the most reliable and effective VoIP providers, including those that can provide hosting services. Our job is to make your transformation easier, and we offer a wide range of services for handling and managing your account from initial design, to installation and implementation.

Are VoIP phones reliable?

Yes! Your desktop phone is virtually indistinguishable from the phone you use with a traditional landline. The biggest difference you’ll notice is the significant reduction in the cost of your business phone service. Your business VoIP phone service will provide you with robust sound quality. Perhaps the best thing about VoIP is that Ideal Solutions Provider can customize your VoIP phone system so you pay only for what your business really needs. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is how we connect your phones, both desk, and mobile, to the Internet. It can be done using your own premise-based servers, or it can be hosted, with your connection carried “in the cloud.” Hosted VoIP and Cloud VoIP packages start at as little as $9.95 per phone line or $19.95 per hosted seat plus all premium features you expect and need to run your business:

  • Local and Long Distance Caller ID with Name
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Enhanced Call Forwarding
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Hunt

Ideal Solution Provider’s goal with Voice over Internet Protocol

Ideal Solutions Provider will evaluate your needs and offer you solutions customized for your situation. We can help you find the best VoIP provider for delivering the best VoIP phone service for your small business phone system. In many cases, small businesses with fewer than 10 telephone units may find that a hosted system is more economical: there is no capital investment in hardware. Data recovery, when necessary, is quick and easy. A larger system may be better served by having its VoIP service housed on site, with company-owned hardware. And sometimes, a company’s needs indicate an entirely different approach. Ideal Solutions Provider has the right connections to get your phone system in synch with the specific services you need, and the flexibility you need to adapt and expand as your needs change. You may need some new equipment to activate your VoIP services. If so, Ideal Solutions can fill that need with products by Adtran, Samsung, NEC, 3CX for Windows, Grandstream, BounceTel MegaPath, Avaya/Nortel MegaPath, Fusion, and Impact Telecom— all respected names on the VoIP playing field.

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