If you don’t know anything about VoIP, then you are missing out on a valuable collection of technologies that can boost your operational efficiency and employee productivity. Unified communications, which is what VoIP is all about, is “the next big thing” after Cloud technologies.

The growing number of businesses that have adopted VoIP innovation is proof of its solid reputation and popularity. It is going to change the way we conduct business. Analysts predict that during the next few years, there will be more than 1-billion businesses and consumers using VoIP technology.

According to a survey posted by Webtorials, approximately 200 informational technology gurus revealed that approximately 75% of businesses have either fully switched to adopting unified communication or have partially incorporated its use. Roughly 60% of small- and medium-sized businesses have incorporated the use of VoIP technologies to enhance business productivity and efficiency.

Getting a Grasp on your VoIP Endpoint and Hosting Options

Because VoIP has such a broad definition, it is easy for buyers to get confused when trying to compare services and solutions. This is why it is important to consult industry experts on what you need to boost your productivity. Ideal Solutions Provider can assess your needs and provide a telecom system that meets your needs and supports your daily operations.

There are two hosted VoIP options that you can choose from:

Cloud-Hosted VoIP is convenient and simple to maintain but offers fewer options beyond ascertaining accurate and adequate network infrastructure and bandwidth. There is no need to invest in PRIs, SIP trunks, etc.

Internally-Hosted VoIP offers alternatives to help you find the ideal fit. These options include placement of different types of voice appliances in your workspace.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can easily leverage your VoIP technologies on the following endpoint technologies, which are based on hardware components:
ATA Adapters
IP Desk Phones
Softphone Clients

At ideal Solutions Provider, we can help you evaluate your options in selecting the most reliable and effective telecommunications providers. Our job is to make your transformation easier, and we offer a wide array of services when it comes to handling and managing your account from initial design, to installation and implementation.