You’ve heard that old adage about doing business with people you “know, like, and trust,” right?

Well, I wanted to tell you about a strategic partnership that Ideal Solutions Provider has with a Tampa-based company called Data-Tech.

When our clients need remote storage, Data-Tech is our go-to referral.

20150407_DataTechLogoData-Tech started as an IT company in 1996, in the days before you could do most software repairs over the phones or Internet: if you had a computer problem, Data-Tech had to send someone to your building to troubleshoot.

“Today, we own a 10,000 square foot facility located 34 feet above sea level,” says Scott Dollar, Director of Sales for Data-Tech. “Our data storage and data protection are highly redundant. We’re on the airport power grid, so we’re second in line behind MacDill Air Force Base in case of a catastrophic outage. Our power generator will run for a week without refueling.

“When it comes to connectivity, our clients have secure Internet connections via several pathways, and for our hosted clients, we provide all service infrastructure and Microsoft licensing, and we host third-party business applications.”

Data-Tech has been providing cloud storage for 15-plus years and, to my knowledge, is the only managed IT system that owns its own private data center.

I asked Scott what it was that made us the right strategic partner for Data-Tech. His answer made me really proud!

“Brian’s product offerings are comprehensive, and his ability to provide a single point of contact when clients need someone who understands it all is impressive,” said Scott. “Brian has proven himself to be very reliable, good with customers and prospective customers, and good at getting issues resolved. He’s a trusted resource for us.”

It makes me blush, but it makes me proud, too.