20150914_GiuntaDentLogo“A dental office lives and dies by its phone service,” says Matthew Giunta, DMD, FICOI, of Giunta Dentistry in Tampa.

“Dentistry isn’t like a retail shop,” he explains. “People don’t just walk in for a dental procedure. They call to schedule an appointment. We call back to confirm, to follow up after a procedure, to call on patients to remind them when regular check-ups are due.”

Dr. Giunta realized his phone system was outdated and no longer supported his business. Increasingly frequent equipment failures, lost calls, and lack of useful features actually worked against patient communications and office efficiency.

“Every service call was a five-hour ordeal,” adds. Dr. Giunta. “When I called customer service I’d be treated with condescension.”

Dr. Giunta decided to replace his phone system and called several local providers to learn what was available. The different levels of  service and the variety of options each offered would require too many hours to make an accurate comparison, hours taken from caring for his patients.

20150914_MatthewGiumtaDr. Giunta sought advice from other dentists on a national message board. He talked to local colleagues. His Internet search led him to Brian Whittington at Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC.

“Brian knew how to find the equipment and service providers to meet all my office needs,” says Dr. Giunta. “He also demonstrated a concern for my past frustrations.”

“The system we installed for Dr. Giunta is a hosted VoIP through Megapath, one of our trusted telecom partners,” says Brian. “This cloud-based system saves money and helps control costs, and it offers a variety of features. The equipment is easy to replace, and the system can be updated as technology changes. It’s likely the last phone system Dr. Giunta will ever have to install.”

Dr. Giunta’s system includes local and long distance calling, caller ID, incoming and outgoing message tracking, call recording, and remote access so Dr. Giunta can interact with his calls even when he is out of town.

“Our new phone system is an excellent investment,” confirms Dr. Guinta. “Our desktop phones are modern and attractive, we have features that improve patient and staff experiences, and, best of all, I know that if we ever have any equipment or service issues, we have a responsive and attentive telecom partner in Ideal Solutions Provider.”