Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC, has a long history of seeking out the most reputable service providers for their clients. When owner Brian Whittington finds them, he works to form strong working relationships that benefit their shared clients in a variety of ways.

One of those business partners is Jeff Dube, owner of Florida Title Techs.

Jeff opened his doors in 2000 when he quit being an independent courier contractor to go into IT.

“I was making good money, but I could see the writing on the wall,” says Jeff. “Things were about to change, and I wanted to stay ahead of that change. I heard a radio ad promoting Microsoft certification, so I got a student loan through Microsoft and enrolled.”

It was pretty grueling. Jeff was still working his courier gig while taking the course, and as his knowledge increased, he practiced his tech skills by doing IT work for the courier company. “It was a great way to get my hands on real-world challenges,” says Jeff.

When his training was complete, Jeff’s sister called him. “My sister’s office was expanding, forming a partnership with another business, and she needed to set up a home office that was networked to the main office,” Jeff recalls. “She asked if I could handle it, and what it would cost. I was just starting out, so I told her I’d do the job in exchange for a good letter of recommendation. And that was the start!”

As Jeff wrangled with the details of creating his sister’s secure network, he worked closely with the company that she was partnering with, as well as with the software design company to make sure everything went smoothly.

“My sister’s new partner had an IT guy who ‘mansplained’ everything, and disrespected her,” says Jeff. “Finally, the software company, my sister, and her partner got together and asked me to start my own IT company to handle the transition. The software rep said that if I did, she could send me three to five new clients a week!”

Jeff jumped at the opportunity. The real estate market was just starting to heat up again, and the software company had developed a new product that worked on the Windows platform. A lot of title companies needed help making the transition, and Jeff was suddenly in the right place at the right time.

“My company exploded,” describes Jeff. “It wasn’t just changing out old computers; I helped clients convert from DOS to Windows. High-speed internet and all it had to offer was just coming into play, and email and data transfer were going to be heating up.

Jeff kept pace with the changes, but he didn’t know all the vendors that might have the best deals and products for his clients.

Fortunately, one of his clients introduced him to Brian Whittington at Ideal Solutions Provider. Almost immediately, the two men forged a working relationship that benefits their mutual clients to this day.

“Partnering with Brian to help my clients was a no-brainer for me,” assures Jeff. “Brian had the contacts to a variety of vendors, he knew what products and services they offered, and he was happy to help me make sure my clients got exactly what they needed, at the best price.”

In the years since Ideal Solutions Provider and Florida Title Techs have worked together, Jeff says his clients have always appreciated the teamwork.

“Long-time clients looking to upgrade and save money appreciate it when I introduce them to Brian. I know he’s looking out for their best interests,” continues Jeff. “New clients who are just opening a new office, or expanding to additional locations, also appreciate it when I can take a lot of work off their plates by putting Brian on our team.”

“I’ve had a great time working with Jeff,” says Brian. “When we partner with a company like Florida Title Techs, who is just as concerned with providing function and value as we are, everybody wins!”

For information about Ideal Solutions Provider’s business partnership program, or to inquire about ways to improve your telecommunications system, call Brian at 813-388-4935.