Business telecommunications is all about incorporating enhanced and optimized telephonic services, online connectivity, and Datacenter services and solutions. All three of these services are unique and differ from one another, so you should have a different provider for each one, right? Wrong.

In this era of innovation, technological advancements, and specialization, it’s not surprising for a business to lean toward incorporating the services of several companies that each have become master in their particular niche. Still, the best services and value in business telecommunications sometimes can be procured by realizing where certain specialties and expertise overlap. Sometimes, going for a single vendor for all three telecommunication services can result in more value for your business. Why? Because telephone services, internet services, and Datacenters all rely on one common thing: bandwidth.

The Advantages of Single Service Providers

There are many reasons to consider a “less is more” approach in deciding which, and how many, business telecommunications providers you should use.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness – Getting more for Less

Let’s disregard your current budget for a bit and consider the fundamentals and economic factors of using a telecommunications service. The costs are high, and the money you pay to several service providers is helping to cover all overhead for those companies.
When you hire a single telecommunications provider who has the capability of efficiently providing you with all three major services, the bulk of what you spend with that provider is directed toward the services, not the overhead. For example, consolidated telecommunications providers such as Ideal Solutions Provider can design more accommodating, flexible, and competitive pricing by offering a “shop one and done” approach.

No Need to Worry about Relationship and Account Maintenance

Working with more than two service providers can become problematic in terms of managing their services. If there’s a problem with two out of three providers, coordinating communication between your office and the two providers can easily compound your technical complications, wasting time and resources. A single company, by contrast, means you can discuss the tech issue once, saving you time and, by extension, money.

Streamlined Customer Support

When dealing with a single business telecommunications provider, you don’t have to worry about waiting for multiple customer service departments to respond. You will deal with a single entity, resulting in minimal wait time and streamlined and responsive customer and tech support from a single, professional provider.

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