Video marketing can enhance the growth of your business if you incorporate your videos creatively. There are many reasons to focus integrate videos in marketing your products, your services, and your overall business.

Nothing is more Powerful than Visual Persuasion

Video carries more persuasive power than other mediums because our brains are wired for it! Watching a video brings into play all our emotional inputs to help us understand the issue before us. There is no technology more effective than the visual representation of products and services for marketing. Video messages address a variety of our sensory systems so we pick up on body language of the person in the video, his tone, the background music, and the sight of the product or service.

More than 80% of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase after they have watched a visual representation of a product or service.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization

A visual representation can provide a boost to your Search Engine Optimization techniques. Popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo consistently and persistently seek signs of your website’s relevance in terms of its content. According to Forrester, research reveals that incorporation of just a few video messages can improve your chances of landing on top of a search engine’s listing by 53%!

Granted, there will be fluctuations, but there is no question that video messages will significantly enhance the searchability of your content.

Video Marketing Boosts your Email Marketing Campaigns

Eemail marketing still remains one of the most effective forms of selling a product of service online. Marketing specialists regard email marketing as the best marking tool, raking in higher profits than any other form of online marketing. Here’s some great news: incorporating your email campaign with video marketing can double its effectiveness, increasing your click through rates by more than 200%!