I’ve been involved in martial arts, on and off, for the past 20 years. In the last few years, though, I’ve really doubled down on my training. In the process, I’ve seen important parallels between my journey in martial arts and my journey as a businessman in telecommunictions.

The martial arts are all about discipline, focus, and dedication. These are the same qualities that have helped me keep Ideal Solutions Provider at the top of its game for our growing list of clients.

When I founded Ideal Solutions Provider, it was a way for me to help small to medium businesses to make better decisions about their telecommunications services.

That meant I had to do a lot of homework: identify the top providers in Internet access, telephony, security systems, data storage, and video conferencing; find the vendors offering the best equipment; compare the features of each; and determine the best way to meet my clients’ needs, within their budgets.

It takes time to gather all the required information, and patience to develop the comparisons that would give our clients an “apples to apples” view of their options.

In the same way, my pursuit of excellence in the Krav Maga style of martial arts requires me to do my “homework,” practicing for many hours each week to hone my skills. It took time: I was sometimes sidelined by injuries during my training, and when my clients needed me I made them my top priority.

But perseverance pays off: today, I’ve earned my black belt in martial arts, and my instructor, Phil Lopez of Fearless Nation, has invited me to become an instructor for those just beginning their journey.

That’s me, second from the right!

When asked by a mutual acquaintance, Phil, himself a third degree black belt and Graduate level instructor in Krav Maga, explained: “Brian has a heart for helping people, and that’s the single most important quality of a good teacher. Brian also has a love for martial arts, and the physical nature of training. Top that with a good ability to communicate, and he was a shoo-in for our Instructor Course.”

It was good to hear those words from my instructor, and gratifying to know that he sees the same parallels between our training and our approaches to business. Both require dedication, perseverance, discipline, honor and integrity.

Krav Maga is based on the training provided to the Israeli military, and it has heightened my awareness of what’s going on around me, and my focus on what matters and what is incidental.

This, too, translates to how I approach my clients at Ideal Solutions Provider. When I visit a client’s site to evaluate current and future telecom needs, or how the client can improve the company’s physical and cyber security, I am more aware of the physical plant, of the way employees use the various components of Internet access, email, security, cloud versus in-house data storage and retrieval, teleconferencing, and all the rest.

That’s important, because not everyone has the same level of understanding or proficiency in working with today’s technology, and it is important to know that. If a long-time employee is reluctant to use more advanced technology, then the client won’t get the full benefit of it. Because my martial arts training has taught me to be more focused and observant, I can recognize employees who may need more support and training with new systems, and help my client have a smoother transition.

Another parallel between my martial arts training and my business practice is evident in my “shop one and done” approach to saving my clients time and money by doing the legwork for them in selecting services and equipment.

My martial arts training is designed to solve a problem quickly and efficiently. My training has made me more able than most to respond effectively to physical threats and danger. Knowing that gives me a certain boost in confidence in all aspects of life, including business. I know what I know, and I don’t waste my client’s time or money by second-guessing or considering unnecessary “what ifs” when I evaluate their needs.

That confidence also translates into the personal side of working with my clients. Many people who have expertise in their business but little success often lack confidence in communicating the value of what they do to potential clients. Thanks to my training in martial arts, I approach client meetings, business networking, and negotiations with vendors and service providers from a position of confidence.

As a result, my clients feel more confident in my recommendations, and this allows me to help them make important transitions that will save them time and money in the long run.

When your business is ready to put my discipline, focus, and perseverance to work, please call the office to schedule an appointment.