Bandwidth is one of the most important things a business should consider when selecting a location, but it’s often one of the last things they think about.

You can have the best location, with high traffic and high visibility at a great price, but if that great location can’t get you the broadband speed your business needs, you may be spending your profits just to stay visible and viable online.

Bandwidth is like lifeblood for many small and medium businesses, for everything from surfing the Web for information; to downloading and uploading text, image, audio, and video files; driving VoIP phone systems; making it fast and safe to upload files to cloud storage; handling teleconferences; and keeping security/surveillance systems running without a glitch.

The more you do — and the more employees you have working online at any given time — the more bandwidth you need to handle all that Internet traffic, just as we need more traffic lanes to handle all the cars on a busy thoroughfare.

Not every location has access to the fastest Internet speeds, just as not every town is located along with the Interstate system.

Sometimes, an area is served by high-speed service providers, but a building doesn’t have access because a landlord won’t allow a high-speed provider to install the service. Some owners charge service providers a monthly fee to bring service to their buildings. Service providers can find eager customers without having to resort to paying access fees, so the only loser in this equation is the business tenant who didn’t do his research before signing a lease.

When you can’t get high-speed Internet, you have to settle for improving speed by using technology that wasn’t designed for it, and that can cost double and even triple what your modern, high-speed systems like Verizon FiOS would cost. You can spend $300, $500, even $1500 more per month than what you’d pay for the same bandwidth on a high-speed system.

Before you select your business location, make sure you can get high-speed Internet access for everything your business needs to do online.

It’s a time-consuming process: you’ll need to find out which providers serve your intended location, and call each one to learn what type of service is available.

Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC, can help with that. We work with providers all over the country and we can let you know where high-speed access is available before you select your location, and save you time and money every month. Our partners include companies like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Bright House, plus many more. Call us! We’re at 813-388-4935. Learn more about telecommunications service at https://www.idealsolutions-provider.com/.