By now, everyone knows that COVID-19 has sent shock waves through our society.

Its effects are felt daily in our health care system, where shortages of simple things like facemasks and protective gloves put caregivers as well as patients at increased risk of infection.

Its effects are felt in our everyday activities, as state after state issues stay-at-home orders, parks and recreation centers are closed, schools teach students online, and restaurants no longer have dine-in seating.

Its effects are felt in every business in the country, as retail shops close, service industries revise their safety precautions, and companies shutter their brick and mortar locations and send their employees away to work from home, using a patchwork of call forwarding and email to keep in contact with customers and co-workers.

It’s been a cumbersome transition for many. Call forwarding from a main number to the employee chosen as “point person” means that only one incoming call can be handled at a time. The point person has to take a message and then make another phone call to get it to the right coworker. If that coworker is already on a call, the message has to be held and the call tried again later.

There’s a better solution.

VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone systems offer a fully integrated approach, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional landlines.

A VoIP system is “native” to the virtual world; it is designed to do exactly what businesses need when traditional office communications are interrupted by natural or man-made disasters.

A hosted VoIP system means your calls can be directed to any phone, anywhere in the world.

With a VoIP phone system, multiple incoming calls can be “rolled over” to any of several designated employees, no matter where they’re located. VoIP can include an automated system so callers can reach the specific department or employee they seek. If that extension isn’t available, voice mail can be configured to accept messages.

VoIP can also be used when several employees need to meet; conference calling is accomplished with ease.

The equipment used by VoIP systems is indistinguishable from a traditional telephone, and the call quality is exceptional.

At Ideal Solutions Provider, we work with a wide range of VoIP vendors, from service providers to equipment suppliers. We oversee the installation of your system, and help make sure your employees are comfortable working with it.

VoIP is an excellent way to ensure that your company doesn’t lose out because of lost calls, no matter what challenges we’re facing. If you’d like to know more, please call 813-388-4935. Your call will reach us, no matter where we’re working!