Videos – Their Significance and How they Help Enhance the Growth of a Business!

There is no question about the fact that video marketing can considerably enhance the growth of your business. But the key is to incorporating your videos creatively. There are so many reasons why you should focus your marketing efforts on integrating videos about your products and services and your overall business. And mentioned below are some of them:

Nothing is more Powerful then Visual Persuasion

And the reason why this is a truism and that it carries more persuasive power than other medium is the fact that our brains are wired to factor all emotional inputs in order to arrive at the best decision. And there is yet to be any other technology more effective than visual representation of products and services for marketing. Video messages cater to our auditory systems perfectly, which means we pick up on several factors such as the body language of the person in the video, his tone, the background music, etc.

According to statistical analysis of the viability of video marketing, more than 80% of consumers have stated that they are more likely to make a purchase after they have watched a visual representation of the product or service in question.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization

You have to realize that visual representation can ridiculously boost your Search Engine Optimization techniques. And that especially true because of the fact that popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo consistently and persistently seek signs of your website’s relevancy in terms of the content. According to a research posted by Forrester, it was identified that an incorporation of just a couple of video messages can amp your chances of landing on top of search engine’s top search listing by 53%!

Sure, there will be fluctuations in terms of numbers, there is no question about the fact that one single important factor will always remain constant, and that is: video messages will always significantly enhance the searchabilty of your content.

Video Marketing can considerably Boost your Email Marketing Campaigns

There is no doubt that email marketing still remains one of the most effective forms of selling a product of service online. Specialist marketers have regarded email marketing has the best, raking in more profits than any other form of online marketing. However, it has been identified that incorporating your email campaign with video marketing can double its effectiveness. This means, you will be able to increase your clickthrough rates more than 200%!

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