We specialize in relocating your business, office moves and adding or changing services and equipment. Call us for a walk-through and subsequent quotes. We will find the “Ideal Solution” at the best possible cost for all of your business telecommunication needs!

ISP knows moving or adding an office can be stressful and time consuming. Let us handle the specifics to help alleviate your worries regarding your workplace technology.  We specialize in relocating / adding business offices.

Relocating your business? Call us for a facilities check!


Following are some guidelines when relocating an office to help you get organized and prepared.

  • Workspace Layout – Prepare a diagram of the floor plan showing where desks and office equipment will be located, being sure to include both existing and proposed power and service outlets, and single and dual cabling drops. We can help by doing a walk-thru of the new space with you so you know exactly what is needed.
  • Secure Quotes from Voice and Data Providers – As a master telecommunications agency, we have access to all the major and local providers, making it easy for our customers to secure multiple quotes without having to spend a lot of time meeting with numerous providers. Moving is the perfect time to look into new technologies, such as Voice Over IP (VoIP) and quantum FiOS, as well as bundled promotions from the various carriers to save on expenses. We are all about getting the right services for our customers at the lowest possible prices. Be sure and check your existing contracts for any term liability that may be due so you know where you stand with your current provider.
  • Consider assigning a Move Coordinator within your company to assist with managing the move and coordinating staff and office equipment. A list of inventory should be created and furniture and equipment (desks, chairs, keyboards, PCs, power cords, etc.) should labeled for easy identification and placement in the new space.

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