VoIP both SIP Trunks and Hosted phone systems with your high speed internet lowers phone costs and saves $$$ for your business! Call and see if your company is a good fit for VoIP. 

Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC, brings high-tech VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service to your high-speed internet connection.

VoIP makes the traditional landline virtually obsolete, converting sound into digital signals that go speeding across the Internet, then converting those digital signals back into sound at its destination.

Conversation sounds just like a traditional land line, but VoIP is available to Tampa Bay area businesses at a fraction of the cost!

Ideal Solutions Provider can help connect your business phones to the Internet, where you can reach anyone, anywhere for less.

Better still, we can customize your VoIP phone system so you pay only for what your business really needs.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is how we connect your phones, both desk and mobile, to the Internet. It can be done using your own premise-based servers, or it can be hosted, with your connection carried “in the cloud.”

Ideal Solutions Provider will evaluate your needs and offer you solutions customized for your situation. In many cases, small businesses with fewer than 10 telephone units may find that a hosted system is more economical: there is no capital investment in hardware. Data recovery, when necessary, is quick and easy.

A larger system may be better served by having its VoIP service housed on site, with company-owned hardware.

And sometimes, a company’s needs indicate a entirely different approach. Ideal Solutions Provider has the right connections to get your phone system in synch with the specific services you need, and the flexibility you need to adapt and expand as your needs change.

VoIP packages start at as little as $9.95 per phone line or $19.95 per hosted seat plus all premium features you expect and need to run your business:

  • Local and Long DistanceCaller ID with Name
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Enhanced Call Forwarding
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Hunt

VoIP does more for a small or medium sized business than just replace your existing phone system. It adds more features, prestige, quality, and flexibility within your organization.

Keep your current phone number, add phone lines, and allocate the bandwidth you need to handle your VoIP requirements. You don’t have to be at your computer or even have your computers running in order to make calls.

You may need some new equipment to activate your VoIP services. If so, Ideal Solutions can fill that need with products by Adtran, Samsung, NEC, 3CX for Windows, Grandstream, BounceTel MegaPath, Avaya/Nortel,MegaPath ,Fusion and  Impact Telecom— all respected names on the VoIP playing field.

Call us today at 813-892-3840 cell or 813-388-4935 main line for free bill analysis!  What do have to lose but a big monthly bill.