DSL/HSI Solutions for Internet and Data Services in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

High Speed Internet is an affordable high speed dedicated Internet access service. High Speed Internet allows simultaneous transmission of data (including graphic, audio and video files), and a traditional voice telephone call over one standard telephone line.

Why DSL?

DSL brings the best value in broadband to go beyond surfing the web; for faster, better communications with employees, and provides one source for all Internet and data needs.

  • It’s Dynamic
  • Static
  • Offers Email and Security
  • Online Backup Storage
  • Point of Sale Capabilities
  • Web Hosting Capabilities

What comes with Dynamic or Basic IP Service?

Dynamic IP is best suit for customers who operate a single PC that is used for email and occasional web surfing, some online purchases or software downloads. The basic dynamic service includes a Dynamic IP address and 10 verizon.net email boxes.

Why Dynamic with DNE (Standard – w/ Domain Name Email)?

Best for multiple computers in a shared office that need the ability to email, web surf, make online purchases, download software, etc. This standard service includes a dynamic IP address and email client on user’s PC that interact with the email server to send and receive emails at “companyname.com” address.

Why Static DSL?

Static IP provides for remote access to the intranet file server. The Static IP address is assigned to the Gateway Router and the Gateway lets the file server “hide” behind a private IP address. The Gateway Firewall capability insures security by only allowing authorized users to access the server.

  •  Static offers low cost solutions to SELF HOST Web email and FTP servers.
  • Static IP addressing also enables the customer to remotely monitor security.