Dedicated Internet Access for businesses in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Brandon, Lakeland, Bradenton, and Surrounding Areas with a nationwide footprint.

Rates as low as $299 for T-1
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Fixed–Rate dedicated internet access services are available in a wide range of bandwidth speeds and access methods, from 1.5 mbps to OC-48, as well as Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet with both full-port and fractional throughputs. On net and off-net are available for all circuits speeds and technologies.

Dedicated Internet Access is not only scaled to grow with your business, as you expand into emerging markets, but provides continuous 24-hour network monitoring and support, robust trouble reporting and problem-solving capabilities, and comprehensive management of network and customer hardware.

Features & Benefits

  • High-speed access to the Internet, intranet and extranet sites
  • Guaranteed bandwidth to meet heavy data demands
  • Performance on one of the major Internet network backbones.
  • Reliability backed by industry-leading service level guarantees, including 100% availability SLA
  • Network design that maximizes redundancy with no single IP point of failure
  • 24×7 live support with world class customer care and continuous network monitoring
  • Includes pre-configured router, DNS registration and IP number allocation
  • Web Basics hosting package with email addresses, junk mail and virus filtering
  • Web Basics create a web site, use email, manage DNS, or get email protection if you own your own mail server

Ideal Customer Profile:

Dedicated Internet Access is an ideal service option for customers with consistent bandwidth requirements.

CPE Requirements:

Ideal Solutions will assist you with the required support for a range of routers and equipment.


Customer Profile

Speed Range

T1 / DS1 T1 / DS1 Internet access services are ideal for small and medium businesses requiring reliable, high-speed Internet access with dedicated Internet connectivity. 1.544Mbps – 6 Mbps
T3 / DS3 T3 / DS3 Internet access services are ideal for businesses that require high-speed, high-capacity Internet access to support high bandwidth applications or have outgrown their T1 services. 6 Mbps – 45 Mbps
OC3 OC3 Internet access services are ideal for large enterprises, ISPs and other businesses that require ultra high-speed connection to support high-volume network traffic and where Internet connectivity is critical to operations. 10 Mbps – 155 Mbps
Ethernet Ethernet Internet access services are ideal for high-end applications, including video-conferencing, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Web Hosting. 1 Mbps –
10 Gig

Please consult an authorized Representative to ensure 100% compliance and operability.