Separating Yourself from the Rest – Tips to Truly Shine Outside the Box.

Defining yourself as something other than the ‘usual’ is what it takes to shine the brightest. In today’s cutthroat employment market you need to make it abundantly clear that you have more to offer than what is required. You need to be clear, you need to confident, you need to realize what you really want in life.

Fortunately for you, mentioned below are some really interesting tips you must consider in order to truly know your place in the world and in a compact field.

Top 4 Tips to Greatness

  1. Be Exclusive. Be Up to Date

The most important question you will ask yourself is: “How can I be different then the competition I face?” Well, to be brutally honest, there is no exact science as to how you can do that, but LinkedIn is a powerful platform you should consider taking the first step from. You can do that by being up to date, ensure your resume and profile on LinkedIn in consistently updated and must include your entire internship record and details pertaining your  current employment.

Always request for recommendation letters from your previous employers, your clients or your co-workers. Having a folder full of favorable recommendations will bear testimony to your efforts, your commitment and your level of skill. And the whole world can see that on LinkedIn. Think about it.

  1. Be Proactive

A traditional application process is nothing but simple, you apply for a job and wait for a week or two to be contacted. This is what everybody does, but you don’t want to do what everybody does. So, be proactive and request a top level executive in the company you have applied for to take some time out to interview you over a pleasant cup of coffee.

The interview will of course be informational, but that sure does build a wave of opportunity to get in touch with authority figures, insiders, opinion makers, etc. And this will give you a much deserved chance to market yourself adequately.

  1. Engage your Network

Let’s be honest, you must have been told to interact with your network a few dozen times, haven’t you? Well, this is the perfect chance to do just that. Ring all your important contacts or try to make new connections on LinkedIn or other social media platforms.


  1. Research

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” A powerful quote by Collin Powell. Nothing is more important to be precisely prepared for an interview.

Your panel of interviewers will be delighted to find out that you know and understand what the business is and how you can become a valuable part of it. However, remember that being overconfident can eliminate your chances of impressing the panel.

Start by understanding what the organization is all about, review their clients, their works, how they have contributed to the society, etc. The more you know about what your potential employer is all about, the higher your chances of making an excellent impression.

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