Why Businesses Under 15 Employees Should Move To Hosted VoIP Phone Systems!

There is no denying the increase in the demand and utilization of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), an independent, technical and innovative source of telecommunications that provides businesses with enhanced operation productivity. VoIP application phone services is another digital marvel that can provide startups and SMEs with a plethora of benefits including eliminating redundant costs, increasing customer services as well as collaboration – all for small business organizations.

With the consistent adoption of VoIP phone systems in every major industry, it is worth realizing that not only large businesses and multinationals are enjoying its unprecedented and uninterrupted economic benefits – but small and medium sized business have come into the foil too. The power, innovation and flexibility of VoIP phone systems give small businesses the power to manage and control their overall phone infrastructure.

Essentially, startups and small business organizations depend on close contact with their target audience and clients even more so than bigger organizations. The lifeblood of a small business is its ability to stay in touch with its customers, never failing to pounce on the opportunity of developing and establishing a business-client bond or relationship.

A modern telephone infrastructure will significantly help sustain and maintain this relationship meaning, you will repeatedly be able to tell your customers that that you will always be available for them no matter what.  A hosted VoIP phone system can provide your small organization with towering benefits. So, if you’re bored of dealing with an inconvenient, inefficient and an unreliable source of proprietary telecommunication’s device that wastes a majority of your information technology resources, then perhaps it is high-time you switch to a hosted VoIP service.

The Real Benefits of Hosted VoIP – Moving Towards the Cloud.

1)Drive-down your Costs! Most important. 

Hosted phone VoIP systems are relatively cost-effective; especially when it comes to repair costs and expenses you have to bear in case of a downtime. These are all expenses you have to take care when you talk about legacy telecommunications systems for in-house communication and maintenance. This is non-existent in a hosted service, primarily because of a third-party vendor who is going to be responsible for providing you topnotch services.  Secondly you don’t have to purchase a complex and expensive VoIP system.


A hosted service can provide you a more streamlined and efficient source of communications – integrating it with your business objectives for added effectiveness. As a matter of fact the third-part VoIP vendor can give you the opportunity to install more phone lines, mobile and remote connectivity as well as extensions. This eliminates the need for an old phone tech and the efficiency restrictions imposed by that technology.

3)Significantly Less Maintenance Costs

As you’ve outsourced your VoIP phone service to a reputed third-party vendor, you can rest assured that company will take care of all repairs and maintenance of the systems on both on-side and off-site regions. What this means is you don’t have to employ the services of in-house staff to do that. You save time and money and can comfortably operate knowing that all on-premises VoIP tech is smoothly functioning.4.R



A hosted VoIP telecommunications set up can be relied on in terms of high speed connectivity in regards to all calls without having any sort of lagging or delayed response times. There will be no decrease in call quality and neither will there by any sort of lapses in communication. You can trust on perfect and clear reception of every call made as online based telecommunications is popular for its high quality in comparison to PSTN services.


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