Is your Business Model on Shifting Sands? This is what you can do to make it more Stable!

Exemplary business models successfully thrive on three fundamental elements or qualities of development, which help them to achieve both short and long-term success and growth. Similarly, to avoid building their bedrock on shifting sands, they have to also ensure they avoid steering into two potentially harmful elements that can have a bad affect on the overall sustainability of the model. In light of this, mentioned below are some important details on how you can avoid derailing your business model – and aim for an upward trend:
Things you should do
Acquiring and Retaining Valuable Clientele or Customers
High-value customers here, does not necessarily mean you engage in campaign attracting top level customers. But it means acquiring and retaining customer that show the following qualities:
They are convenient to locate
They enable you to keep a high margin on your products or services
They are curious and are willing enough to give your products a shot despite minimal marketing
Have the ability to considerably enhance your business and meet your profit objectives
If you identify that your current base of customers do not fall into the aforementioned categories, you can switch to attracting the right customers via partnerships and/or alliances.
Provide your Customers with High Value
Your aim should always be to attach high value to all your customers by incorporating the following:
Exclusivity when it comes to advantages of using your product – advanced features
Efficient and effective retail distribution
A complete set of customer solutions through partnerships and alliances
Competitive pricing as a result of efficiencies in manufacturing
Enhanced deliveries and a wider product range
Businesses today have incorporated the use of exceptionally streamlined solutions to make their marketing and business strategies innovative and efficient. And this means that you too have to maintain a creative edge over your competitors.
High Margin Product Deliveries
The only way you can maintain a high margin is if you take steps to make your production process efficient or by adding unique benefits and features to your products making them more desirable. And you can successfully do this by:
Using a streamlined channel of product distribution
Minimizing the use of your sales support
Engaging in lean manufacturing processes
Offering your customers products with auxiliary components – or opportunities, which do not cost you
Potential Red Flags
Providing Adequate Customer Satisfaction
If you aren’t too careful you may end up paying considerably more to maintain your customer support. And increased customer satisfaction costs can be created through:
Increased warranty expenses
A costly technical support unit
Costly installation requirement
Costly customer support
Expenses associated with customer support normally occur after the sale and are potentially harmful because the costs are usually high and have an inverse affect on your revenue.
Maintaining your Position in the Market
A well thought out business model incorporates the utilization of its resources to enhance its market position, which includes adding newer products, unique features and attracting new customers. It can be difficult to hold you position if:
The major buyers of products are just a handful of customers
Bigger competitors have control of the distribution network
Changes in technological trends – leading to potentially costlier product development and R&D
Presence of alternative technologies
All in all, these are some of the most important steps to take and to consider when you talk about standing your ground. For any questions or like a free assessment for your company on how we can help please call us at 813-388-4935 ext or email at or check us out at

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