Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC.

offers customized telecommunications, internet, and security services to help your company operate at peak performance.

01. Telecommunications

Telecommunications is a vital component of your daily operations. Digital technology has surpassed the traditional analog land line in call quality and speed, at a fraction of the cost. Just as cordless and cellular (mobile) phones have replaced your home phone lines, innovations like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) have improved business communication systems, helping businesses to stay connected and secure in their communications.

02. Internet Service Provider

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can have a huge impact on your daily operation, and the myriad options offered by the variety of Internet Service Providers out there can be confusing. While high-speed internet services are available in most locales, some internet speeds come at a high cost. High speed internet can be delivered with traditional cables or more advanced fiber optic lines.  We can give you an apples-to-apples comparison, complete with cost estimates, so you can choose the best internet provider that’s right for your business.

03. Structured Cabling

Everything that connects your business to the outside world requires an infrastructure of cables that connects your phones, computers, and security systems. 

Ideal Solutions Provider has the expertise to oversee the installation of your infrastructure across all six sub-systems:

  • the entrance facility brings service into your building
  • your equipment room houses the equipment that supports the users inside your building
  • your telecommunications closet (room) houses the equipment that controls your telecom and data systems
  • backbone cabling takes service to your equipment and telecom rooms
  • horizontal cabling moves the service from those rooms to the outlets for your end users
  • finally, your work area components connect the end users to the individual outlets to run your equipment 

We have the means to oversee the installation of your cable infrastructure, from simple access to Internet browsing and telephony, to closed-circuit security cameras, access control, teleconferencing, and secure data transmission.

Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC. offers customized consultation for telecommunications, Internet services, and security for businesses throughout Florida and across the country. Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC is owned and operated by Brian Whittington, and  located in Tampa, Florida. We can create an a la carte menu of services from the best providers, customized for your needs, within your budget.

Among our partners are Verizon, Frontier Communications, Windstream, Spectrum/Charter Communications, Earthlink, TW Telecom and more. We offer services that include: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), SIP trunking, Broadband Services, Ethernet, MPLS, Surveillance Systems, Cloud Services with Google Apps, and the nation’s largest, most reliable fiber optic network on Verizon FiOS and Frontier FiOS.

Ideal Solutions Provider will improve your business operation and help you stay connected to the world!



A Team Of Professionals

Brian whittington


Brian has worked hard to grow Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC, since 2002. He has assembled a team of telecom professionals who take pride in always watching out for our clients, giving them a “shop one and done” resource for all their telecommunications needs.

We have an impressive list of telecommunications service providers that offer us the flexibility to design network services customized to each of our clients’ needs.

We’re proud of our company, and proud to be among the hundreds of thousands of small business across the nation providing jobs and opportunities in a changing economy. 

At Ideal Solutions Provider, LLC, we provide clients with a single point of contact for everything related to their telecom system.

We educate clients and their employees in the use of their telecommunications products and equipment,
and provide technical support and account management so clients can concentrate on managing their businesses.

paula King

Sales Coordinator

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What We Do Best


  • LOCAL – CLEC and LEC services
  • Long Distance Switched and Dedicated Products
  • Integrated Access Voice and Data Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  • VoIP Hosted and Non-Hosted Products
  • Phone Systems
  • Video Conferencing

business internet Solutions

  • Dedicated Internet Access 
  • DSL
  • VPN
  • MPLS
  • Frame Relay
  • Private Line
  • Collocation
  • Storage
  • Cabling and Fiber Installations

cloud services

  • Data Security
  • Document Storage
  • Voice and Video Chat

Security Services

  • Wired/Wireless Security Cameras
  • Computer Security
  • Access Control
  • Security Cameras
  • Access Card Readers
  • Network Security
  • Firewall Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Cyber Security

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