The 3 Ironclad Rules of Ensuring Your Business Succeeds and Survives!

It is often believed that individuals learn their business intelligence and decision making capabilities through experience and not school. And for the most part this is exactly how it is. Experience and learning from your mistakes are both key elements that can combine to become an excellent teacher of how you ensure that your business stay afloat not matter what the situation.
Real-life learning is what shapes a mind into being decisive, it motivates your gut to take decisions that other won’t. There is no simple recipe for gaining the experience necessary to take your business to the next level because each person has to find out what it is that suits him or her. It is only once in a blue moon that you might just get there the very first time.
The only short way out of learning from personal experience is by linking yourself to others around you. Your peers in college, your senior manager, the CEO of a company you used to work for, these are factors that can shape the way you think – allowing you to assess and evaluate your situation in a broader spectrum.
In light of this, mentioned below is what I think businesses should implement and be perceptive about when it comes to ensuring future success and current endeavors. This is on account of I managed to control and keep my business afloat for 14 years now.
The 3 Essentials
Here are my 3 most important and practical series of experienced suggestions to young entrepreneurs and how they efficiently and effectively supervise their business in this increasingly growing and robust corporate world:
Nothing is more important than identifying your customers and always retaining them. You have to learn how to immediately provide helpful solutions to their problems and sell your brand shrewdly, but effectively.
There are far too many businesses that depend on transforming themselves into supply chain units, have a small base of critical customers and neglect to invest the time and effort required the strengthening their bonds with their customers, solidifying relationships.
Secondly, understand the fact that until your customer hasn’t paid the bill in full, you haven’t done any business with them. There are customers that adopt the annoying habit of paying their bill slowly. My advice to you – completely avoid them.

Evaluating your Risks
It is pertinent to always stay on your toes, assess and diligently evaluate risks and the possible affects those risks carry. Then, in light of this risks, develop mitigating strategies and contingency plans to completely steer clear of them.
The corporate world we are all a part of is risky, to put it mildly. The environment we compete in is cut throat – and the last thing you want to do is assume everything will always turn out to be fine and dandy. Always, I repeat, always put a microscope over the risks ahead and formulate winning strategies.
Next up is value creation. You have to find way you can add more value to the services you provide. For example, change your pricings, offer new products, and provide your customers with incentive to stimulate demand levels. Remember, it is going to take long, and it is going to be expensive – innovation in business always is.
Never lose sight of the changing trends in marketing technology. Never abandon social media and smart technologies to drive business growth.
The Bottom Line
I know you might just be thinking how straightforward these business fundamentals are, however, you have to realize that it is often neglecting such fundamentals that cause possibly blooming enterprises to sink. Think about it.

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